Inflation: The winner is always the state

While the inflation rate for the euro area could be kept stable at about 2 percent, the inflation rate was in Greece with about 4 percent, almost twice as high.Greece keeps Europe in suspense. The fiscal position of Helena is not only a violation against the fiscal criteria of the European Monetary Union; it is an oath of disclosure. In such a fundamental crisis of the experiment is not surprising to externalise the applied loads.

Surprisingly, however, are suggestions and contributions from international institutions as well as from economists who directly or indirectly support the Greek tendency to displace the problem.None other than the IMF has promoted the idea, “solve” the current problems by means of inflation.

Inflation is an attempt to postpone distribution of acute conflict, and thus impose future generations. The European Monetary Union came through fiscal and monetary policy is under pressure. The result would be a fundamental loss of confidence because the losers are the savers.

The presentation of market economy and entrepreneurship

Those, who do not trust the market, will not start a business. Jobs will be created but only there, the majority of small and emerging SMEs. If you want more jobs, should the entrepreneur and the image of the social market economy in the school not to be represent dark and daunting. For a critical analysis, there is no objection. Nevertheless, the judge is the market economy, given the record of accomplishment of the social market economy in the past 60 years were benevolent.The German schoolbooks often give a different impression.

There are anti-market attitudes. A recent study, in which the representation of economic subjects was analysed in German schoolbooks, has confirmed this. Often remains unmentioned the positive relationship between globalization and new opportunities. It triggers new growth momentum in the markets but often it is unmentioned.

Accordingly, let global differences in prosperity be solved by more redistribution.The anti-market attitudes need not be surprised about the lack of bold, risk-taking and committed entrepreneurs. This is not good for the market economy and endangers our prosperity!